Online Hearing Test

This test is a great first step to determine whether you need to do a more thorough assessment of your hearing.

You will hear 12 different sounds from low to hight pitched. According to the results of the hearing test, you will have a good idea of the number and type of frequencies that give you some difficulties.

Before the test

  1. Put on your headphones
    1. S'assurer de mettre l'écouteur droit sur l'oreille droite ainsi que le gauche sur l'oreille gauche afin d'éviter que les résultats soient éronnés.
    2. La qualité de vos écouteurs pourrait affecter les résultats.
    3. Different sounds will be played one after another at random in one of the two headphone speakers.
  2. Press the button below then adjust the volume of your computer in order to hear the sound softly in both ears.

During the test

Press the space bar on your keyboard or click the button "I hear a sound" when you hear a sound.


Your results

Your results will appear as you answer.

500 Hz 750 Hz 1000 Hz 2000 Hz 4000 Hz 6000 Hz

Your results

Congratulations, your result seems to indicate that you do not have a hearing loss!

You seem to have difficulty hearing high-pitched sounds.

You seem to have difficulty hearing the low-pitched sounds.

You seem to have difficulty hearing high-pitched and low-pitched sounds.

The results of the test raise a doubt on your hearing health? Contact us and we can coordinate an appointment for a complete evaluation with an audiologist.

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