Accessories and batteries

Present your Advantage card and obtain a rebate. The Advantage card is a program exclusively offered by Groupe Forget.  If you need more information or if you are interested in this products, contact one of our clinics at 1-888-673-4553 or locate the clinic nearest you.

Assistive listening devices

Adapted alarm-clock

This device combines a luxury alarm-clock and an efficient pillow vibrator. It is appreciated for its strength and comfort when placed under the pillow.

Wireless communication systems

Wireless communication systems help to increase the ability to understand clearly in situations where distance, surrounding noise or other conditions make listening difficult. Such systems adapted to small groups (conference rooms, schools, restaurants) are built to optimize listening and communications.

Anything that affects hearing and listening in children may have an impact on their education and training.  Children spend between 45% to 60% of their school days learning.  It is therefore recommended to use wireless communication systems in schools attended by children with hearing difficulties.

Amplified telephone

The amplified telephone contains a quality amplifier with integrated volume control. It allows the adjustment of the volume to the desired level as well as setting the intensity of the ringing. It also comes with a visual ringing indicator.

Headphone system

The infra-red headphone system allows you to watch television at a comfortable volume without disturbing other viewers. It can also be used in connection with the radio, “hi-fi” sound systems and other audio systems. This miniaturized wireless system carries the sound directly to your ears allowing for a high quality sound.


• Light and comfortable receiver.

• Simple to use.

• Headphones recharge when set on the monitor.

• The large microphone fader facilitates volume adjustment.

• Does not put any pressure on the temples, eye glasses nor messes with your hair.

Smoke detector and wireless alarm with integrated wireless transmitter.

Photoelectronic smoke detector with integrated wireless transmitter. These hearing aids with transmitters will enable you to feel more secure.

Remote controls

Practical and discreet, the remote control is yet another device to facilitate the control of hearing aids.


Hearing aid batteries

It is recommended to use only “zinc-air” batteries since they retain their full power until you remove the strip.

The zinc-air type battery stores more energy than the older mercury or silver batteries would. A zinc-air battery therefore lasts longer than its silver counterpart.

Store your batteries in a dry place, such as a plastic container or the appropriate compartments of your battery tester. Keep them out of reach of children and animals and far from a high source of heat.

Digital hearing aid battery tester

The battery tester can indicate if your battery is functional. For optimal results, ask your audioprosthetist at what intervals you must test your batteries.