First signs of hearing loss

How do you reconnize the signs of hearing loss ? A decline in hearing acuity may appear as early as the age of 40. This is a perfectly normal process and does not indicate a decline in health. By age 65, one out of every three people has trouble hearing. This number increases to one out of every two individuals aged 75 and over. You are not alone.

Some of the signs of hearing loss include:

  • You often get the impression that people are mumbling.
  • You confuse words (such as “ten” and “den”).
  • You often ask people if they can repeat what they have said or if they can speak louder, especially people with high-pitched voices (women and children).
  • You have trouble following conversations in public places. The background noise makes it difficult to understand what people are saying.
  • You find yourself turning up the volume of your television.
  • You do not always notice when your telephone rings or the alarmclock goes off.
  • You suspect your hearing is not as good as it used to be.

If some of these situations describe you, make an appointment with one of our audioprothetists to have your hearing tested.

You can also try our online hearing test.

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