Mission and history

The mission of Groupe Forget, audioprosthetists is to help those with hearing loss to rediscover the pleasure of hearing. At the core of its mission, Groupe Forget places importance on offering the best service to its customers. Groupe Forget’s mission also embraces helping employees, partners and affiliates to progress in their careers.


Groupe Forget, audioprosthetists was founded in 1985 and became the largest network for auditory health in Quebec, and today counts more than 70 hearing aid clinics. For more than 30 years, Groupe Forget has increased awareness about the importance of good hearing health among the public. In 2008, Fondation Groupe Forget was created. The mission of this non-profit organization is to improve the living condition of people with hearing loss through donations or the setting up of support programs.


At Groupe Forget, our audioprosthetists offer a wide range of products and services related to hearing.

• Audioprosthetic consultations and recommendations

• Verification and cleaning

• Adjustment and programming of hearing aids

• Hearing aid repairs

• Sale and maintenance :

– of hearing aids

– of earmolds

– of batteries and accessories

– of assistive listening devices : headsets to listen to television, telephone, adaptive alarm-clock (private, CSST, DVA)

– of wire-less communication systems

– of noise protectors

– of ear protectors for musicians

– of swimming plugs

• Hearing screening

• Assistance in coordinating appointments with E.N.T. doctors and audiologists

We take the time to listen to you, answer your questions and examine the potential alternatives and steps to take. We are dedicated to offering quality hearing care and satisfying our patients.

Our audioprosthetists are accredited with the «Régie de l’assurance-Maladie du Québec», the CSST (Quebec’s workers compensation), the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and our services can also be reimbursed by some private insurance.

Groupe Forget works in close collaboration with E.N.T. doctors and audiologists. If required after your first consultation with one of Groupe Forget’s audioprosthetist, he can refer you to a hearing health care professional nearest you.

To contact one of our clinics, dial 1-888-ENTENDRE (1-888-673-4553) or find the clinic nearest you.