Hearing well on holidays October 30 2017

Hearing well your loved ones during holidays

By Groupe Forget, audioprosthesists

Better hearing: make the most of those precious moments with your family It is not always easy to understand all of the stories your grandchildren tell you, especially when trying to contend with loud surrounding noises.  Have you noticed that your […]

hearing aids June 28 2017

Why two hearing aids?

By David Gélinas, Stéphane Cérat et Mathieu Vézina, audioprosthetists, Groupe Forget

If you have a hearing loss to both ears, you need two hearing aids. But why two hearing aids? There are many advantages of hearing with both ears! It is much easier to locate where sound is coming from. For […]

Better communication April 27 2017

Better communication for those with hearing loss

By Marie-Pierre Genest, audioprosthetist, Groupe Forget

Wearing hearing aids helps people rediscover the pleasure of hearing. Yet even with the best hearing aids available, certain communication situations may be difficult Communication is a two-way street. The hearing-impaired person with hearing aids and his or her counterpart […]

Regional games April 12 2017

Groupe Forget, sponsor of the regional FADOQ Games in 9 regions of Quebec

By Groupe Forget, audioprosthesists

For yet another year, Groupe Forget, audioprosthetists is pleased to be an official partner of the regional FADOQ Games in 9 different regions of Quebec. These games are the largest sports events for people 50 years and older. Let the […]

National hearing day March 22 2017

Groupe Forget participates in Quebec’s first edition of the National Hearing Day!

By Groupe Forget, audioprosthesists

Groupe Forget, audioprosthetists is pleased to participate to the very first edition of Quebec’s National Hearing Day on May 2nd, 2017. As a partner in this event, free hearing screening tests will be offered in our participating clinics across Quebec. […]

Cochlear implant March 1 2017

What is a cochlear implant?

By Sarah-Ève Cataphard, audiologist, Polyclinique de l'Oreille

A cochlear implant is a ultra-miniature device that improve hearing (sound perception of speech and environmental noises) in people with severe to profound deafness. Unlike hearing aids, these devices stimulate the cochlea directly through surgically implanted electrodes. Anatomy of a cochlear […]

Diabetes January 27 2017

Is there a link between diabetes and hearing loss?

By Jenny Turcotte, audiologist, Polyclinique de l'Oreille

Diabetes is a chronic, incurable disease, but it can be treated and kept under control. This illness prevents the body from using sugar as an energy source. High blood sugar levels can cause long-term complications. Some of the most common—and […]

January 9 2017

Complete hearing test in 6 steps

By Valérie Audet et Sabrina Chatrand, audiologists, Polyclinique de l'Oreille

What is a complete hearing test? It is a test to evaluate your hearing made by an audiologist to determine whether you have hearing loss and in what part of your ear the problem is located. The hearing test takes […]

noise pollution November 22 2016

Noise pollution: how does it affect our health?

By Roxanne Gravel-Bélair, audioprosthetist, Groupe Forget

Noise is part of our lives. It is practically impossible to escape it, to the point that noise pollution has become a public health issue. Environmental noises can have a long-term negative impact on our hearing health and on our health in general. […]

ototoxic medications October 25 2016

Ototoxic medication: do some medications are toxic to our hearing?

By Mélanie Brière, audiologist, Audiosanté

Medication designed to treat illnesses obviously has beneficial effects, but  also has various degrees of side effects that can be harmful to our health. A certain type of medication, ototoxic medication, is toxic to our ears. Ototoxic drugs can cause dizziness, […]

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